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Saba the Parrot


Saba is a Timneh African Grey Parrot. She hatched on November 2, 1994.  She has been a member of my family since she was 8 weeks old and I was 8 years old.

She is a muse for many of my Art as Therapy pieces. Taking care of her each day gives me purpose. I am her bonded person.

Saba has had a pretty good life for a bird in captivity! She's extremely fortunate. Although I love her dearly I would not buy a parrot from a breeder again. There are lots that need adoption, love and healing.

Parrots are very unusual creatures. Most people won't have a relationship with a bird in their lifetime.

She does talk and she whistles (I call it singing) beautiful melodies. My home is often filled with the joyful songs she makes up.

She's extremely messy. She laughs like a human chuckle and has got a sense of humour. She bites. Hard (if she wants). She can easily rip out a chunk of flesh if she desired to. Biting is her way of telling me she doesn't like what I'm doing. We have been working on communicating in other ways.

Parrots are very smart, especially African Grey's. Alex, a famous African Grey, was the first non-human to ask an existential question: What colour am I?

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