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Dreams to Dream

Gosh, it’s been a long day. At least my cycle came (3 days early) to which I’m grateful as I’ve been so tired. It’s nice when I can see a clear reason behind the fatigue.

Today has been contemplative. Within my first hour of being awake, I was diving deep into my psyche so as to explore some questions and pain. There’s been much to ponder. Still, I had a great, although lower intensity (due to the fatigue) workout at the gym, and a nice walk in the sunshine. I got some work done, did my laundry for the week, and I had a wonderful afternoon and evening with Pretty.

I’ve started creating a new playlist as music is a vibration that feeds my own. Today I realized that I’m listening to a lot of sad music. It’s okay to cry and to hurt but I want to heal. I do realize of course, that those things are a part of healing. I guess what I mean to say is that I’m ready to surround myself with a different vibration.

I don’t need to watch movies or read novels as my own imagination is phenomenal. There are worlds inside of my head that I can access at anytime. It’s been that way since I was a child. One day I pray that my imagination merges with reality in the most beautiful way for dreams are nice, but I can’t live there.

I give myself permission to rest now. Goodnight. 🌙✨

Art as Therapy (2020) by Amy Frank


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