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"Home, Home Again"

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

"...I like to be here when I can" ~Pink Floyd

Tonight's viewing pleasure:

Star Trek Voyager: Infinite Regress (Season 5, Episode 7)

It's on Netflix.


In 2020, I felt like Seven in this episode. Since exiting hospital I feel doped and really confused.

I am grateful for the hospital, I needed to reset my diet especially. I met a lot of cool nurses and patients in hospital whom I miss interacting with. I am grateful to be home however and am looking forward to my upcoming appointment with Dr Gunn. My initial plan of full med removal is still intact.

I was introduced to Star Trek as a child from my father. My all time favourite is still Voyager just because I'm so in love with the Borg. I identify with Seven of Nine, I have since I was a teenager. She hears voices. She would call it the Collective.

PS. This episode also shows off Jerry Ryan's acting abilities. She made an amazing Seven. 👏💕

Amy Frank drawing Seven of Nine as a Borg, 2004 (Age 17)

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