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Navigating Wonderland (Spirituality & Psychosis)

I saw this crow as I was heading home today. It’s been a hard morning. I hugged a favourite tree of mine, as I passed by it on my way home. I even gave it a kiss then nuzzled my cheek into its bark. It smelled so nice out this morning as I walked to my destination. I was so tired though. The dampness from a light mist permeated everything with a most lovely and lively scent. There’s a word for that: Petrichor (the smell of rain).

They say that cycles repeat until we learn what we need to learn. One of the things I’ve learned is that I need to live in reality. If there’s information I know, I need to believe it; I can’t let my mind twist and distort truths to suit its own desires and make believe.

I understand that I have an incredible imagination. I’m sure it’s no surprise that Wonderland is very much alive, I just know now that it isn’t real; that I can’t live there, and that I can’t trust all my mind presents to me.

My 2nd talk is filling up and I do hope that even more people will sign up and come out to it. These talks I’m giving in conjunction with my solo art show are called “The Art of Mental Wellness: Unveiling the Wisdom of Wonderland”. They will be a deeper dive into my journey and the things I’ve learned.

I am a spiritual person and there is a fine line between psychosis and spirituality. I had an amazing session with my psychiatrist recently where I asked him a lot of questions, in an attempt to break down and understand the differences of why some people can believe in ghosts, or psychic abilities, telepathy etc. where I’ve been told since my youth that I was crazy. I understand now that a major difference lies in one’s ability to function in society. Are these thoughts all consuming or can the person still work, go to school, and have relationships (of any kind) with other people? Can the person step outside of this realm and acknowledge that it may not be real?

I don’t know what my future holds, who I’ll meet, what opportunities will arise, or where I’ll go, but I look forward to this next chapter. I’ve shed a lot of tears today but I’m still convinced it’s going to be a great year.


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