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Not all light is good. Not all dark is bad.

Typically on Tuesday mornings, I hit up the gym. Unfortunately, my gym is closed for maintenance right now so I’ve been looking at other gyms in the interim. I’ve checked out the two that are closest to me that will accept my pass and I have settled on one of them. I’m feeling intimidated however as I’m not overly confident with weight lifting and fitness yet.

The two gyms I checked out have different brands of machines, they’re new environments with new people. I have an orientation booked for Sunday at the one I liked best. I was hoping to go there this morning to see what I could figure out on my own, but I chickened out. 😞 I woke up and felt tired from the anxiety of it all. I’ve been doing well overall but new things can still feel intimidating. I remind myself that it took me a while to get comfortable working out at the gym I’ve been going to since June of this year. I look forward to them opening again.

I got up this morning and started my day and then after an hour or so I decided to give myself permission to rest. My bedroom windows are still blacked out from my night owl days and I must admit, I love it. There’s something peaceful about lying in a very dark room despite it being day time. I live in such a quiet neighborhood too. It reminded me that not all dark is bad. I also put glow in the dark stars all over my bedroom ceiling a couple years ago which makes me smile when I turn out the lights. My home is a sanctuary.

I realize I made a decision today based on anxiety, but I forgive myself for that. The orientation is booked, so I’ll get back into the gym this upcoming week. It’s all just baby steps. Now is Saba time then I’m looking forward to yoga this evening. 🧘‍♀️💕


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