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"Shine" (Madness Journal + Update)

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

"Shine" ☀️ (2020)

Be the light you wish you had in your darkest hour.

A lot of people are struggling right now. I am not one of them. 

If you are going downhill emotionally, here is a list of COVID-19 


Dr. Penny Hobson-Underwood, my retired Psychologist, has taken the time to provide an in-depth paper filled with useful information and coping techniques anyone can apply during this uncertain time. 

You can find her list of techniques at the link above. 

Thank you, Penny! 🙏

It’s okay to be afraid right now, it’s a realistic emotion. If you are feeling fear, please acknowledge it — don’t run or try to drown it.

When you’re ready, I encourage you to take a HUGE step back into outer space and see planet earth and all life upon it as a whole. Tune into nature— Earth itself— our home. While humans are forced into isolation, the earth is healing. Cities covered in smog have clear skies again. Swans and dolphins, not seen in years, are returning to canals in Italy.

It’s not about denying or ignoring the human suffering taking place, it’s about allowing oneself to find peace amidst it. Focusing on the light when trapped in the dark doesn’t make you a heartless person. There IS light during these dark times. Kindness is emerging as much as the greed is. New ways of connecting are unfolding. The humorous memes, as dark as some may be, are keeping smiles on people’s faces and laughter in their spirits.

For the first time, humans have united as a species to cure a common ‘enemy.’ We are in the midst of writing history.


I am healthy and as well as I can be — emotionally, mentally & physically. Since my filmed presentation in January of 2019, I have maintained the Core Four (Sleep, Food, Movement & Connection). I aim to continue abiding by it during these uncertain times.   The removal of the medication causing the Parkinsonism has been put on hold, however, the shaking has subsided enough for me to use coloured pencils again. 😃

I’m continuing to create art mindfully as a way to stay grounded. ‘Mindfully’ meaning that I try to remain present with the activity I’m doing. It’s a form of meditation. When my mind wanders into thoughts, I observe the thoughts without judgment or attachment, staying focused on the task at hand.

I’m seeking phone buddies to chat with when I go for an hour long walk (we don't have to chat for a whole hour though 😉). For as long as I’m healthy, my Doctors encourage me to get out at least 4 x a week BY MYSELF for an hour long walk at a time.

This offer is open to Friends, Family & Strangers (but must be in Canada as I don't have international calling). If you're interested, please contact me.


During this next period I will continue to share hope, positivity, and light (…alongside a touch of madness😉) on my social media accounts: Facebook & Instagram.



The Madness Journal is complete! 😃

The Madness Journal is a 5.5” x 8” sketchbook I carried in my purse from November 2019 - March 2020. It’s where all my recent Art as Therapy pieces are drawn.

Read it yourself (or watch a video of me reading it) on my website:

I wish you and your loved ones peace, fortitude, and adaptability during these uncertain times. 🙏

Please continue to shine your light.☀️😘





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