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The Anglerfish (Poetry)


Take me deeper.

Take me to the darkest depths

where the sunlight

cannot reach.

Take me down,



Where the pressure squeezes me,

Surrounding me in a salty chill,

Heart pumping,

Fins propelling,

Warmth rising from within.

Take me down to those depths

Where my toothy grin

Won’t be feared

Where my light twinkles

Like stars filled with wishes.

There, down in those depths,

You will find me.

In the darkest crevices

Of conversation

My light will shine.

I am home here in the deep,

I am at peace.

I do not fear what lurks

Where the sun cannot reach

For I am here,

And if I am here,

Then there are others like me,

Beaming light into the black





our shoal.

Discovering ourselves.

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