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  • Amy Frank

The Impact (poetry)

When at last I close my eyes,

my mind spins ‘round

all of the lives —

Old lovers, old friends,

who’ve impacted mine.

Family members, pets.

Souls I’ve heard weep.

Teachers, parents.

Paramedics, police.

Cashiers and doctors.

All my current friends.

The people behind screens

whose words shine in.

The strangers who smiled,

and those who looked down.

The wide eyed children,

the people who frown.

I think of the ones

who are no longer here.

For them I hold sunbeams.

For them I shed tears.

So many have moved me.

So many still do.

And there are those yet to meet

who will move me too.

Every person I encounter,

every person I see,

has made a mark on my life —

Had an impact on me.

So thank you to friends.

Thank you old lovers.

Thank you to family,

and to all of the others.

As I lie here in bed

resting my head

I realize I too

had an impact on them.

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