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The Queen of Hearts

Updated: Feb 26

I’m getting old folks. It’s been a good day to be Queen, but I’m tired!! I’m still in costume, just hanging out giving candy to Trick or Treaters on mom and dad’s behalf. I’ve been invited to a party later but I’m exhausted so I don’t think I’ll go. I’ve had a full day and seeing I was out earlier walking around town in my costume, my shoes unfortunately gave me a blister.

I love this costume!! I had 6 cars in a row roll down their windows and yell nice things to me as I crossed over the Bay St. Bridge. That was in a row, the number of people in general who did that or said nice things as I passed them on the street felt wonderful. I feel like a Disney Princess every time I wear this Queen of Hearts costume. Every single time, I have a blast wandering alone out in public.


PS. I did not make this costume. I bought it last year. I enjoy partaking in a lot of Alice in Wonderland themed things so I've gotten a fair amount of use out of it. It was quite expensive so I wear it any chance I can get, ie. Halloween. Plus, it's so much fun to wear!!

Photos: Amy Frank (October 31, 2023)

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