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The Afghan Girl

Price: Not For Sale


Size: 11" x 8.5"


Medium: Pen & Coloured Pencils


The Afghan Girl (Sharbat Gula) is a famous photograph taken by Steve McCurry in 1986 for National Geographic Magazine. I drew her at the age of 18, right before I hit a big depression. I didn't replicate Steve McCurry's photo however, I did an interpretation. On the side of the picture it reads: "Hands reaching out… Haven't you suffered enough?"


I never completed the Afghan Girl. Her empty spaces are now a reminder of how far I've come. When I drew this picture she represented that I was falling, where now when I look into her eyes she represents my strength. For years she was the opening picture on my website as well as the image on my older business cards because she coincided with the goal of my site: To reach out and bring awareness to those who are struggling.

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