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Artist Statement

I start my drawings with a photograph, or sometimes a simple scribble. I sketch out the idea in pencil and then I move to ink, making permanent lines on the paper. Struggling with mania, indecision is a battle for me. I choose to work in pen & ink so that I can’t easily alter my drawings. Feeling a loss of control over my mood at times I strive for ultimate control over my medium. I choose coloured pencils for colour because the waxy texture is easy to control.

Due to my medium there is very little room for error so when I make a mistake I use scissors, paper, and glue to correct the image, giving a layered look to some of my originals. My medium carries a finality, there is a clear end to my process.

My art is a source of conflict for me. It eases my depression while in contrast it can stimulate my manic symptoms. The feelings of creativity that I experience can be overwhelming, becoming over stimulated when playing with composition and colour. In contrast the black and white patterns I create put me into a meditative state, relieving the mania into a stream of quiet thought.

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