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Public Speaking

In my 2019 talk: The Art of Mental Wellness, I speak of my mental health struggles and the ways I've learned to empower and care for myself. The talk is accentuated by photographs of me, showing how my health has fluctuated, as well as of visual works I've created throughout my journey. After many hopeless years marked by addiction and turmoil, I discovered that I have more influence over my mental, emotional and physical wellness than I thought. Topics that I touch upon include sleep awareness, microbial gut health, movement (exercise), connection, using art as therapy, and psychology.

"The Art of Mental Wellness" (January 2019)

This talk was filmed in January 2019. It was being presented to the Victoria Chapter of The Federation of Canadian Artists. It's an example of my public speaking, however it is not the exact talk I'd give today. I do try to film my talks, but it's hard to get good footage (lighting and background noise play a huge role). Some parts of this talk have changed, others have been omitted. A lot has happened in my life since January 2019 (like the pandemic) so my current talks have been updated to continue the story. However, the hope and steps I've taken and am continuing to take for wellness are the same. Please check out my Art Gallery: Transformation album and/or my Blog to know more about how my life has progressed since this talk was filmed.

Please contact me to set up public speaking for your school, business, organization, or religious institution. I can tailor my presentations for the audience and age group I'll be presenting to. If you have a subject you'd like me to touch upon, please ask!


“Amy Frank spoke of her experience of living with bipolar disorder from the age of 18. It was an absolutely riveting story of her struggles with prejudice, bullying, addiction...and making art. Not only was her talk powerful, but her art is rich with color and her own visual language. We gave her a standing ovation.”


~Federation of Canadian Artists,

Victoria Chapter President


“Honest, revealing, gripping. This was no lightweight talk - and it encompassed so much more than art. (So much we need to change re: our perceptions of mental illness). Also… I’ve never seen someone get a standing ovation before. One of the best presentations ever.”


~A Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists


“A very compelling and candid presentation that provides inspiration, hope and encouragement for everyone.”


~A Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

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