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Victoria, BC, Canada



All Work © Amy Frank 2019

Public Speaking



Please contact me to set up public speaking for your school, church, business or organization. I can tailor my presentations for the audience I'll be presenting to. If you have a subject you'd like me to touch upon, please ask!

"The Art of Mental Wellness" (January 2019)


“Amy Frank spoke of her experience of living with bipolar disorder from the age of 18. It was an absolutely riveting story of her struggles with prejudice, bullying, addiction...and making art. Not only was her talk powerful, but her art is rich with color and her own visual language. We gave her a standing ovation.”

~Federation of Canadian Artists Victoria Chapter President


“Honest, revealing, gripping. This was no lightweight talk - and it encompassed so much more than art. (So much we need to change re: our perceptions of mental illness). Also… I’ve never seen someone get a standing ovation before. One of the best presentations ever.”

~A Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists


“A very compelling and candid presentation that provides inspiration, hope and encouragement for everyone.”

~A Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists


"The Art of Mental Wellness II" (July 2019)


"Amy your work is wonderful. I must tell you I am a Vietnam Veteran and when I returned home, I was floundering. I threw myself in Yoga and Art. It not only saved my life but gave me a ground underneath my feet. Your path to self realization is a traveled one and will lead you out of self doubt. I wish you well. You are a success, your work is exceptional and your courage formidable. Stay the course."

~Ralph N.


“I crave sincerity and honesty when listening to people speak so yep you hit those marks with precision and bravely. ”

~Robert M.


“I am very impressed by your vulnerability & honesty - how brave to share your journey! This is a help to all those who listen.”

~Donna S.