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1997 - Current

Welcome to my public portfolio. It's a lot!

As a pre-teen, I learned to draw realistically. In my teenage years, when I started using substances to cope with depression caused by trauma, my work began to shift into surrealism. No matter where I've been on my journey—from mental illness, homelessness, and substance misuse, to sobriety and stability—my art and writing have captured that.

Explore my public art portfolio by selecting a specific year or scroll down to witness how my artwork has transformed and mirrored the stages of my life.

When I was a pre-teen, I loved art and had some raw talent for drawing. My parents nurtured this talent by enrolling me into many different art classes and art schools. In these classes, I was taught to draw the world as I saw it before me.
1997 - 1999

Pre-teen Years (1997 - 1999)

Age 11 - 13

2000 - 2004

Teenage Years (2000 - 2004)

Age 14 - 18

In my teenage years, I started to use cigarettes, street drugs, and alcohol as a way to self-medicate  depression caused by trauma. As my mental health deteriorated, and my substance use increased, my art began shifting into surrealism. I still drew the world as I saw it before me, but my perception of reality was quickly becoming distorted. At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
2005 - 2010

Early 20's (2006 - 2010)

Age 20 - 24

In 2005 (Age 19) I crashed into a deep depression after a traumatic psychiatric hospitalization. I stopped writing and drawing. A year later, in 2006 (Age 20), I picked up a pen again. I cleaned up from hard drugs in my early 20's, however I continued to struggle with alcoholism and my mental health.

2011 (Art Career Begins)

Age 25

In 2011 (Age 25), my life began to change. My art took on a new direction. I began to incorporate geometric black and white patterns into my art style. These patterns became an integral part of my work, for as I drew them, they brought on a meditative state which helped to balance out the depression and mania.


I officially turned my art into a business in 2011.


Age 26



Age 27



Age 28



Age 29


Age 30



Age 31



Age 32



Age 33

By 2019, I was now sober from alcohol, however I had begun using marijuana daily to self medicate  the side effect Parkinsonism which was being caused by one of my psych meds. I began to enter a drug (marijuana) induced psychosis–an adventure I aptly named 'Wonderland', which prompted my pieces to once again become even more surrealistic. I also began keeping little sketchbooks that I call Art as Therapy. Although all my art has always been a form of therapy, the purpose of these sketchbooks was to let go of technique, subject matter, creating larger pieces with the intent to sell, and start creating less time consuming pieces just for myself again.


Art as Therapy (Sketchbook 1): Triggers Journal (Age 33)


2019 - 2020

Art as Therapy (Sketchbook 2): Madness Journal (Age 33)

My Art as Therapy sketchbooks continued into 2020. I only created a few larger pieces that year as a drug (marijuana) induced psychosis, that had begun in 2019, engulfed me. Covid didn't help. Isolation drove me further into using, finding excitement, joy and peace in the world my psyche was creating.


Through quotes, writing, and illustrations, my Art as Therapy books touch upon the world I was living in. I had a slip with alcohol in February 2020 and have been sober again since then.


Age 34


Art as Therapy (Sketchbook 3): Conversations with the Algorithms (Age 34)


2020 - 2021

Art as Therapy (Sketchbook 4): Navigating Wonderland (Age 35)

My Art as Therapy sketchbooks carried over into 2021 as I lived with and then exited a drug (marijuana) induced psychosis that had begun in 2019. There was a lot of pain that year. My Art as Therapy continued to capture my journey in quotes, writing and illustrations. In 2021, I chose to get off marijuana. I also opened up commissions again.


Age 35



Age 36

In 2022, my Art as Therapy sketchbooks became a way to process the psychosis I'd experienced from 2019 to 2021 as well as the pain and shame of its aftermath. I started experiencing a bit of an art block. I remained open to commissions however. Within my current Art as Therapy book, in 2022, I wrote a short 15 page graphic novel called: Escaping Wonderland.

2021- 2024

Art as Therapy (Sketchbook 5): Work in Progress - Currently Untitled (Age 35 - 37)

2023 & 2024

In 2023 and into 2024, I am still experiencing a bit of a visual art block. I am continuing to write, however. For visual art, I've mostly been creating Art as Therapy, as well as have been attending urban sketching events. Art commissions are open.


In 2023, I gained casual employment in health care doing mental health peer support. I'm grateful to see our medical system recognizing the value of lived experience. I love creating art, but it's the mental health advocacy aspect of my business that fuels me. My visual art and writing are avenues that allow me to challenge stigma, connect with others, offer hope, and share the things I've learned on my journey.


In 2023, I applied for my first ever solo art show. My proposal was accepted, which was very exciting for me. The show was called 'The Wisdom of Wonderland'. It took place for the month of April 2024. See photos here.


Age 37

Although my main income continues to be Provincial Disability, in the thirteen years since I officially turned my art into a career, I've gained an adequate amount of recognition through licensing, publications, and having my products in retail locations. My technique and style continue to evolve, as does my subject matter. My art has, and I'm sure always will be, a reflection of my life. I look forward to seeing what I create next!


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