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FAQ on Art Sales



Where are you located?
A: I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, I ship anywhere in the world.

How do I order cards, prints or originals/commissions?
A.1: You can purchase cards on my Etsy page and for prints and originals please email me to get a shipping estimate. From there, I will send you an invoice via PayPal.

A.2: Commissions are a unique purchase, please email to discuss commissions in more depth.

What are your shipping charges?
A: I calculate shipping charges per item(s) ordered and where/how quickly my customer would like them delivered. Please email me for a shipping estimate to your area.





FAQ on Art



What is 'paper collage'?

A. Paper collage is a term I use to describe my mistake process. I work in pen, so when I make a mistake I can’t erase it. To ‘fix’ the mistake, I trace over my error with tracing paper, then I transfer the shape of the area I've traced onto a fresh piece of paper. I then re-draw the image or design I want to capture on the fresh sheet of paper, cut it out, and glue it on top of the existing drawing. This process gives a layered look to many of my originals. I use this process as a way to salvage my work, otherwise I’d have to throw away days, weeks, and sometimes even a few months worth of effort.



A lot of your pictures say: NFS. What does that mean?

A. It means "Not For Sale".




Is your artwork computer generated?

A. No, all of my artwork is hand drawn. 



What is your medium?

A. I work predominantly in pen & ink with coloured pencils and watercolour pencils for colour.



Do you paint?

A. Rarely.



How did you learn to draw?

A. I've always had a good eye for detail and have been able to draw objects realistically quite easily from a young age. Aside from that I have attended many art classes, had private art tutors, and have been enrolled in art school.



How long does it take you to do a picture?

A. It can take me weeks to months.



What is your favourite thing to draw?

A. Trees.



What do you love most about art?

A. I love a fresh piece of paper, I love the ink stroke of a pen. I love colour. I love chipping away at my designs for days and weeks on end watching them take shape. 

B. Seeing my pieces framed and mounted in people’s homes. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing my work cared for and displayed.


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