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My Canadian Collection features the symbolic birds and flowers of each province and territory in Canada. I have just begun this collection, so please check in again to see my progress!

Alberta: Great Horned Owl & Wild Rose

British Columbia: Steller's Jay & Pacific Dogwood Flower

Manitoba: Great Grey Owl & Prairie Crocus

New Brunswick: Black-Capped Chickadee & Purple Violet

Newfoundland & Labrador: Atlantic Puffin & Pitcher Plant

Nova Scotia: Osprey & Mayflower

Ontario: Common Loon & White Trillium

Prince Edward Island: Blue Jay & Lady Slipper

Quebec: Snowy Owl & Blue Flag Iris

Saskatchewan: Sharp-Tailed Grouse & Western Red Lily

Northwest Territories: Gyrfalcon & Mountain Avens

Nunavut: Rock Ptarmigan & Purple Saxifrage

Yukon: Common Raven & Fireweed

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