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Clarity Ver1.jpeg


Price: Not for Sale


Size: 24" x 18"


Medium: Pen and Watercolour Pencils

Clarity is a different style for me. This piece is done in watercolour pencils and pen but instead of using pen strokes to create patterns I used a paintbrush and water.

This piece is big for me as my 'go to' size is 11" x 14". This piece is 18” x 24”. I had to make it big to fit the details I wanted into the eye iris/pupil.

In the centre of the eye (the pupil) a person is sitting while staring at a glowing candle which they are holding out in front of them. Then within the iris, which surrounds the pupil, is six sections. Two of the sections, the very top and the bottom one, are planet earth - so you can see some of north America and some of south America. The other four sections are images of trauma. The four other sections illustrate Abandonment, Rape/Sexual Abuse/Silencing, Violence/War, & the last is Substance Abuse.


This illustration in whole is about finding ones peaceful centre.

Clarity Ver1 2.jpeg
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