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Peacocks in Beacon Hill Park

Price: $1200 CAD + Shipping


Size: 11" x 14"


Medium: Pen, Coloured Pencils & Paper Collage


Victoria B.C. has many wonderful attractions and one of them is Beacon Hill Park. In my early 20's, during the summer, I volunteered at the park's Children's Farm - a petting zoo. It was a wonderful volunteer position, I had the chance to help take care of many different animals. The peacocks, who are owned by the city, roam freely in the park (and occasionally in the residential communities surrounding the park). Although the peacocks are not bound to the Children's Farm, it's where the city feeds them, so they are often found perched in the trees and on the barns and fences. I drew this in April of 2014 from a photograph I took back while I was volunteering. 

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