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Tim at Quarry Rock Ver1 web.jpg

Tim at Quarry Rock

Price: SOLD


Size: 11" x 14"

Medium: Pen, Coloured Pencils & Watercolour Pencils

This is a memorial piece for Tim de Balinhard. I was commissioned by his family. Tim tragically lost his life to suicide in 2014 at age 31. This piece was based on a photo his brother Michael took of him at Quarry Rock in North Vancouver.

Michael and Tim had hiked up from Deep Cove to the rocky outcropping high above the water.  Michael remembers that day with great emotion and treasures the bond and deep love he shared with his big brother. Tim and Michael’s mother describes the photo that Michael took that day and the feelings it inspires in her. She wrote:

"The picture captures for me Tim’s quiet, solid strength and the expansive beauty that surrounds him.  His spirit is free now and a part of all the beauty and love around him. 


Tim had a sweet, vulnerable and loving heart hidden inside a rugged manly body with a stoic strength and determination.   He worked extremely hard, held things in and pushed himself to extraordinary lengths, never showing his soft heart or sharing his pain.  He demanded so much of himself."

I was honoured to receive this commission, although it was a heartbreaking piece to create. It gave me a chance to reflect on my own suicidal ideation, the value of life, and the sadness suicide leaves in its wake.

This was a really great article I came across on how to talk to someone who's experiencing suicidal thoughts:

Rest in Peace Tim.

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