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What Dreams May Come

Price: $1500 CAD + Shipping


Size: 17" x 14"


Medium: Pen & Watercolour Pencils


What Dreams May Come is a fantasy drama film featuring Robin Williams.

Without spoiling the movie, in the film, Robin Williams’ wife kills herself. When Robin Williams finds himself in Heaven, he discovers his wife is not there, she’s in hell because she killed herself. This is not because of a judgment made by the almighty, but rather that a person who dies of suicide creates a "nightmare" afterlife based on the pain they had at the end of their lives. Robin Williams must go into the depths of hell if he wants to rescue her. That journey is what makes this film so phenomenal.

Robin Williams’ wife in the film is a painter. When Robin Williams finds himself in Heaven, it's like being in his wife’s paintings. I’ve titled my illustration after the film, What Dreams May Come, as I imagine it's what Heaven would look like if depicted in my style.



Based on a photo I took of the stone bridge in Beacon Hill Park.

(Victoria, BC, Canada)

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