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Adventure (Ponderings)

One of my biggest fears is that I’ll live a mundane life. I realize that’s no longer possible, however there’s still so much of me that craves adventure, exploration, excitement (albeit not the substance misuse/emotional rollercoaster kind). There’s also much inside that yearns for peace, calm and tranquility. I want the effort and adventure of climbing the mountain, then the peace and satisfaction of taking in the view. Both the candle’s gentle flame and the bonfire’s crackling roar burn within me.

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I lie on the couch and my mind spins. Things I feel I can’t handle like the triggers of abandonment, jealousy, envy. I swirl in the chaos for a while, my eyes closed as my mind and emotions churn viol

I wish I could write about love. About how much my heart sings to see no new entries on the account, even though I fear they’re just hidden from my view. How the hope that you have found safety, peace

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