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From Dusk ‘til Dawn (Poetry)

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Early morning reflection

She talks to angels

Melodies whispering memories

Day dreams

Stirring imagination

Hope, gratitude, music

Healing and self reflection

It’s time to say goodnight now

The sun alas will rise

Tired heavy eyes hope to drift

Before the light warms the blinds

Family sleeping, peaceful

Morning birds waking up

Moon creeping out of sight

Earth turning

Yes, these are the moments

When all feels right

Blessings, though nothing goes as hoped for

Unknown adventures await

Pathways to forge

Experiences to have

That feel long forgotten

Or perhaps never had

Rough patches to trip on

But rise up, rise up!

Wipe the dirt off your knees

And palms

Clean the scratches

Then carry on

Today is a brand new day

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