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Gratitude (Update: March 23, 2021)

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

I started a yoga class through the GROW Program at Capitol Mental Health. It’s being held at Christ Church Cathedral. I love religious buildings. It has these beautiful stained glass windows.

When I was in hospital I wanted to sketch the chapel at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. I was sad that I couldn’t. Because of Covid psych patients don’t have visitors, day passes or cigarette breaks let alone free time to sketch a chapel. Even if it is on the property, security escorted me between wards. I felt like a criminal and no one would tell me my crime. The hospital pretended my delusions of telepathy were real which really didn’t help me ground myself. In fact it made the experience more painful. I really liked seeing all the female police officers and security guards though and was happy when I got to work with them. I felt safer working with females.

I’m grateful though heartbroken by the Facebook group PES: a Pathetic Excuse for Support. I don’t feel as alone but I’m sorry so many other people have had bad experiences at the hospital.

I still feel messy in my brain but today I’m grateful for the yoga class.


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