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Howling Wind (Poetry)

Updated: Jan 24

My words swirl like tornados

Tearing up roads and trees

Cuts instead of kisses

What I sow, I reap

My emotions move like hurricanes

Destroying all I have

Gales, chaos, heavy rains

Sweep across the land

My heart is quickly flooding

The rains won’t cease to fall

Higher, higher still

Up muddy banks I crawl

You must save yourself now

You need to get away

For I, I am the storm

I darken every day

With clouds and electric shocks

I pierce the sky - your heart

I do not want to do this

But I cannot stop

For I, I am the monsoon

I’m heavy winds and crashing waves

My love sinks ships and sailors

It makes one’s heart insane

You, if you must love me

Then love the thunderstorm

My rumble in the darkness

Fork lightning in my core

I, I cannot help it

This is who I am

I cannot be the sunshine

I am the howling wind

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