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I’m Just Being Honest (Poetry)

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

I will not give into

compassion fatigue.

I will not let my abundance

of empathy

run dry.

If I need to,

I will take time.

I will step away

to recharge.

I will not let others

lack of empathy

turn me to stone.

When my compassion

is tried

and tested,

may I come out softer,



and even more


May the worst emotional

burn victim

find relief and safety

in my company.

May they let me in

when the blackened

blisters of sorrow,

rage, fear,

and hurt,


peeling off their heart.

As they scream in agony

to make it stop.

Let me be there.

…I have been there.

I can show you

my scars

and assure you

that your festering wounds


can heal.

My light may waver

or dim

at times.

I am human.

When upset, I too

can become distant

and cold.

But rest assured

my warmth will return

for you too are human

and for that,

and that alone

I will love you.

I will comfort you.

Even if you are cruel

and twist my empathy

to suit your own needs,

I will let you go

but I will not let you

harden me.

For love is where

I came from.

Love is what

I’m here for.

And love is what

I am.

When I became

a mental health advocate,

I opened up my wounds

for the world to see.

Was there cruelty

towards me?


There will always be those

who stuff down their pain

then hate and blame

anyone who reminds them

of the feelings

they’ve tried

to suffocate.

There are those

who feel

no empathy.

But I’ve found

much more love

and gratitude

than hate

and cruelty.

In a world of fake,

of filters and


where substances

run rampant,

because we’re trying

to numb ourselves;

many crave




If you are alive —

Be you human,

animal, insect

or plant —

then life has hardships

and pain.


every gender,

every nationality,

every faith,

and every person

who discriminates,

has hardships

and pain.

If you need nutrients

and water

to survive

then you are alive

and for that

my heart

goes out to you.

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