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In Response to the Quote… (Poetry)

I do realize this is not what Frida meant with this quote but this is a little spin on it...

In Response to the Quote:

“I’m not fragile like a flower, I’m fragile like a bomb” ~Frida Kahlo

I’d rather be fragile like a flower

than fragile like a bomb.

Flowers can get stepped on.

Their petals crease or flatten,

perhaps they wilt and tear.

Their stems may break or bend

but their roots still firmly fare.

To be fragile like a bomb

is a warning cry for aid.

“Bump me, even accidentally,

and you’d better be afraid

because bombs cause pain

and destruction, like me,

when I’m dismayed.”

This is an outcry of ‘Caution’.

This is someone that needs help.

Because even contained,

a detonated bomb

will destroy

from the inside out.

And if it is not contained,

it will hurt you

and everyone else.

It’s okay to be fragile,

and lost in emotional throes,

but flowers don’t die when stepped on,

their sweet scent

still comforts my nose.

Bombs are a dangerous weapon.

Don’t point your fragility at somebody else.

If a trigger will lead to explosion

then please, please,

seek help

before the mine inside you

harms another or yourself.

Embrace the fragility

of a flower,

master how to bend

and sway in the storm.

Learn that leaves and petals

have seasons,

that your roots are strong

within your core.

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