The Dragons Daughters

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The Dragon’s Daughters

by Amy Frank

Our Father is a Dragon.

Our Mother is a Lamb.

Our Father lives up to his Dragon name:



Courageous —


Being raised by a Dragon

doesn’t leave one unscathed —

A child learns quickly

that water puts out flames. 

…One day the Archer went away.

Her wings had grown and she couldn’t stay.

She flew off to find the Shire, they say,

while in Mordor I remained.


I grew up there, in the dark,

alone in the pitch black depths.

It’s in the shallow waters now

where I struggle to catch my breath.

The Archer left and my little flame

flickered into view,

Now placed into the spotlight

of a Dragon’s spew.

…It didn’t take long until I left too.

Back then a prison was all I knew.

I thought it was a Dragon, 

and parts of that are true.

But really the prison was inside me

It was everywhere I went.

The darkness clawed at my psyche—

A constant argument.


It doesn’t matter where I go

When I don’t fit in, it always shows.

When my emotions induce hurricanes,

a traumatized society deems me insane.

They never looked beneath the sea.

They fed me stories about chemistry.

They filled my body with toxicity.

Rarely asking what happened to me…

They offered me a world with no control

They took my power and gave me pills.

No one knew this. It’s not their fault.

People can’t know 

what they were never taught.

I also know that what will be, will be

And that every step I’ve taken

is part of the journey.

That being said, there is room 

to grow.

If Western and Holistic merged

We’d heal people, you know.


When the Archer returned, I was gone

Lost in my psyche, I was withdrawn.

I watched her cry when she saw the harm

Like a bird that plucks — 

I had featherless arms.



For so, so long….

A constant battle 

of right and wrong.

But here I am now, free of the cage

I’m still inside it,…

but the bars did fade.

I’m learning how to take control

To be the Author of my world.

Meditation really helps.

Stop. Breathe. 

Ground yourself.