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The Light Within Me (Poetry)

Updated: Jan 15

(Written November 2023/Edited January 2024)

Sitting in the dark

looking for the light,

I can see what’s all around me


the black of night.

I can see myself reflected

within the looking glass -

Keen green eyes peering out,


looking back.

Eyes of wonder.

Eyes of pain.

Eyes of hope.

Eyes of shame.

That do not lack

any love, nor courage.

I hold fear

but I’m not afraid.

I will be strong

and learn to fight

but I’ll choose instead

to dance and write.

I am deep

within the dark

but all around me

I can see,

for the light is not external,

it emanates

from in me.

Others see it when we meet,

when we cross paths

on the street,

but I don’t see my light,

I see how others

treat me.

How strangers like to smile

and dogs come say hello.

How the elderly will talk to me

and the children’s eyes do glow.

I can smile at the children,

at the dogs and the crows.

I can greet the elderly,

and exalt all women

as I go.

But I cannot seem to smile

back at any man

because I’m more than just a face

within me, dimensions span.

Wars that I have fought in.

Heaven here on earth.

I have been in states

of ecstasy,

moments of pure bliss.

I have lived within

the depths of hell

but yes,

I have lived.

There are seas of black

around me.

There are stars

that guide my way.

I need the night to see them

they’re invisible by day.

I know I have a gift.

I know I’m a lone wolf.

But one day I hope that changes…

Where is the King of Hearts?

I have met kind princes,

many a valiant knight,

and far too many jokers

deep within the night.

I do not need saving.

Look! I saved myself.

I will take care of me.

I have got my back.

But still, this star is searching

for I, too,

long the light.

I miss loving touch —

Not just sex, nor lust,

but love.

Romantic love.

To remind me

of what touch

can truly be


Nerve endings tingling.

Lips learning

as fingertips explore.

I yearn to taste

sweet kisses

mixed with smiles

to adore.

Telling smirks,

strong arms,

wrapped around

my body.

Guarding my heart,

protecting my mind,

from those whom unwittingly

harm me

(even though I don’t need it,

because, yes,

I have got me).

Am I a hopeless romantic?

No, I still have hope.

I do not know

what the future holds

but I know

it will be good.

Photo: Amy Frank (January 12, 2024)

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