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Trigger Warning

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I posted the below on Instagram:

...Which led to a woman confronting me (who is also a mental health advocate):

I decided to delete the original post when 'jackihamm' stepped in. My intent was never to trigger people, I was just trying to express my emotions... So I removed the post out of respect and re-added it with a 'Trigger Warning'.

The above were the only negative responses I received, and they were justified concerns that I'm glad we could work out. <3


I am very bad with conflict so I was majorly triggered while trying to respond in a diplomatic manner. While I was in a public discussion with Wendy (above), Caren (below) appeared. Her final comment showed up just when I needed it, as I was in the midst of talking to Wendy when it came in. Caren's input was so heart felt that I burst into tears when I read it.

Others commented too.... Friends and strangers I am grateful for. <3

In the end, I've learned to be more cautious and respectful when posting sensitive and/or disturbing illustrations, and I offer my sincere apologies to anyone who was triggered by my original 'no warning' post.


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