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Update on my Health (December 8, 2020)

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

…I’m still groggy.

I went to Our Place last Tuesday (Dec 1) to see some more of the homeless situation in Victoria. I’d been through Beacon Hill Park a previous night.

…I’m not up to speed on Covid_19 (globally or locally). I’m also not up to speed on British Columbia’s Opioid Crisis.

I went to see the homeless in the park first. It was recent — just at the end of November — and I found the park peaceful. I was shocked as I was worried they'd be disrespecting nature. I realized how wonderful it must be to be homeless in Victoria right now and at least have some sense of rooting — a tent that can be left up. A little space of earth where you can leave your belongings and find a form of semi-permanent shelter. I wish there’d been that when I was younger. I can’t imagine the wasted efforts police have gone to chasing tents out of parks every morning throughout our city’s past.

I don’t leave my house… Or, well, I try not to. I try not to because earlier this year I decided to continue removing the anti-psychotic on my own. As of May 31, 2020 I stopped taking it. As of September 2020 I stopped a morning pharma that helped lift the dopiness of the nighttime meds. I slept a lot. Two weeks ago I stopped a Progesterone prescription. I’m still in the process of slowly and safety decreasing the final pharma: a mood-stabilizer. I’ve done this all on my own — or so it would appear.

I have not had a menstrual cycle in over 4 years due to the Progesterone, which was prescribed for adenomysosis. Since its removal I’ve started experiencing PTSD episodes of rape and violence. My body has yet to bleed it’s so filled with mucus and phlegm.

I was led around town by my Guides on Wednesday evening, Dec 2 — my beautiful sister Abbey Frank’s 37th birthday:

December 2, 2019

Psychosis comes in 3 categories: Ghosts/Spirits, Aliens, and Military espionage. If everyone is experiencing the same delusional premise, it’s a collective experience. If all addicts know what shadow people are without ever being told what shadow people are then it’s a collective hallucination.

I’m not crazy if others are experiencing it too.

I don’t know who Darryn Adam Botian is. I fear I’ve gone mad but I made him a book. A man I met recently said he has nice hair.

Conversations with the Algorithms:

Read it below:


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