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Why Do You Love Me? (Poetry)

He asks: ‘Why do you love me?’

I pause.

‘…Because you’re human.

Because I can see

that what you’re going through

is scary

and stressful.

Because when I’m with you

I feel calm

and when you’re gone

chaos reigns.

(Okay, the latter’s

an anxious attachment

style, not love).

But I enjoy the drives,

the walks, the talks.

The chill beats.

Holding your arm


a darkened tunnel

not knowing where

it’d lead.

Our Yin and Yang:

Your rough edges


my softness.

Because you challenge me.

Because every time I see you

I yearn to toss that hat

and run

my fingers

through your hair.

To balance on my tippy-toes

stretching up, up,

so my lips

may reach yours.

To memorize your body

with my hands -

Every angle,

every scar,

every bit

of unwanted fat.

To kiss every freckle.

To feel your tension relax

under the pressure

of my fingertips.

I don’t know healthy love.

All I know is intensity.

I know the kind of love

that inspires art

and poetry.

I know every time you leave

I still feel some part of you

lingering inside me:

Your pain, your fear,

your laughter,

and your joy.

It may not be healthy

but when I feel

I feel it wholly.

And I,

I still feel you.

I wrote this yesterday. I wasn’t planning on sharing it but a friend suggested others might relate. Thanks Suze Ryan for being a go to with my poetry. And thank you for sharing yours with me. 🫂

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Jul 14, 2023

Hi dear Amy

your poems are so touching and visual. I really enjoyed them. They contain tongue in cheek humour and tenderness. Thanks for sharing them! 🤗 Laura

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