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Black Heart (Gold Plated) — (Prose)

Updated: Dec 31

I wish I could write about love. About how much my heart sings to see no new entries on the account, even though I fear they’re just hidden from my view. How the hope that you have found safety, peace and companionship radiates warmth within me.

It’s the sensation of sunlight heating my back while a soft breeze cools me. It’s overlooking the ocean - the lake, the forest, the fields, the mountains, the valleys - on a perfect morning. Smiling, for in that moment there’s a sense of peace. The blues of the water sparkling like sapphires, the light glowing through the emerald leaves. Golden grass swaying. Flowers blooming in technicolour while the bees wings beat. Dust shimmering in and out of sunbeams. Birds singing melodies that began long before the continents drifted. This is the feeling I want to instill in you. That I wish to weave within my words so you may always find it when you need to.

If the nights are ever cold and lonely, I want you to remember the setting sun. The rich oranges and pinks painted on the water. The deep indigo blue sprinkled with glistening stars. I want you to remember that the dark of night is just as beautiful as the day. That your presence here is valuable. That you are needed, cherished, respected, and loved. That you inspire poetry. You inspire me to be a better me. To love so authentically that I smile cheek to cheek when I think of you soaring free. Your wings extended to each end of the galaxy, riding where the currents lead. Should the nomad one day find a place to root his feet, then that land will indeed be blessed.

I honour your black heart. I know it does not belong to me. I was gifted, albeit briefly, to have held its body in my arms. To feel its calming pulse next to me, lulling me to sleep with comfort. One day that black, black, gold plated heart will be the treasured jewel of a Queen.

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