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Blissful Moments

I've had a very good day. I had Mindful Movement today. It’s a half hour walk from my house. When I got up it was pouring out however. Although I could have taken the bus, the bus to Cook St. Village doesn’t run often and I’d need to transfer which always gets me places too early or too late. I think the real reason I walked though is because it’s good for me, even in the pouring rain.

When I woke up however I really didn't want to get out of bed and walk in the rain to class. Sleep and comfort beckoned me but the voice inside encouraged me to keep moving every time I just wanted to call in a sick day. Even as I was walking there, if I thought of turning back, the voice kept urging me to move forward — one step at a time. I'm grateful I got there as I had a really fun class - we did a lot but one of the exercises was dance steps to swing music which I really enjoyed. I learned a little swing dance in Jr. High and my sister Abbey and I used to swing dance for fun when we were younger. We’d do the octopus but she did the guys part and I can’t remember it without her lead.

I had a lovely Mindful Movement class. I like that they include group discussion as it’s nice hearing other people’s thoughts. Everyone in the class also experiences mental illness so it feels like a safe place to talk.

I was in good spirits when I got home then I had a long hot shower as my pants were soaked all throughout Mindful Movement from my walk there and I was chilly! After my shower I lay in bed and experienced a time period of great bliss and relaxation where I finally felt warm and a little sleepy. The rain was pitter-pattering against the window and I had gentle music playing through my speakers. It was an experience worth remembering.

Today at Mindful Movement the instructor read us The Guest House by Rumi and we shared our thoughts afterwards. The Guest House reminds me that all these emotions are just visitors, here to stir things up but they can also come and calm things down. Yet each will depart, the positive and the negative. And all have value. It's easy to know that when I feel good, much harder when the darkness and chaos come.

I’m so grateful I encouraged myself to walk to Mindful Movement today. It felt really good to get out and be with people.


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