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Flight of the Faeries

Written in 2003 - Age 17.

The eve the leaves had fallen, the crimson, gold and green, where butterflies were flighty and angels could be seen. A single blood-red leaf swayed towards the earth, and the emerald eye of innocence was given a new birth. The silence pierced the forest, it numbed the owls cry. With lady death upon us the moon could barely shine. Yet through the dust it sparkled the rain would part its fall and the mightiest of mountains would yield for her call. No voice, no sound was spoken, her skin was softer than worm’s silk. Her innocence was blessed and she fed off warm breast milk. Flightier than feathers, essence seen by night, woven within the pathways was the beauty of her light. Yet born to this perfection our faerie came to know that lady death was watching, and that blood could always flow.


In an isolated village a child left her home, She ran from all the footsteps, and in the depths she roamed. Beneath the stars and moonlight our faerie saw the child's fright, she saw the stolen innocence, she saw blood stain the night. She caressed the child gently, staining her own porcelain skin, And she took in all her pain and through the child's eyes she saw the sin.

A new sensation trapped her as the rain fell from her eyes, the more she touched the child through her ears there echoed lies. The magic of the forest began to fade away the crickets ceased to chirp, the greens turned into greys. The trees they started twisting creating a spiders web. The water ceased to trickle, it began to flood instead. The stars turned into darkness, innocence to stone the other faeries took to flight and left the child alone.

To the skies, our faerie watched as one by one the others flew trying to escape the curse the forest grew.

Her faeries wings were torn, her knowledge was diseased and the child still lay gently captured in her dreams. And lady death she came she took the life of one too young and our faeries eyes were cold, no songs were to be sung.

A mist masked the forest, and fire to the town, a hatred for the humans in our faerie’s heart was found.

The forest lost its wisdom, it lost its hopes and dreams It lost its faerie folk, it lost its chuckling streams. And our faerie girl, once beauty forever pays the price, devoured by the darkness to an eternal hopeless life.

Our faerie learned the horrors beyond the forest’s spell, one that we all know, know way too well. And the shock, it shook her reality, it killed her very soul. It stopped the river flowing, it froze the burning coals. But our faerie had a choice, instead of feeling all the lies, she could have shown the child the world through her eyes.

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