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Freedom from the Mental Health Act

As many people following my advocacy know, in February 2021 I was discharged from the Royal Jubilee Psychiatric Ward on extended leave (aka I was released but kept detained under B.C.’s Mental Health Act). Under the Mental Health Act I was told that if I didn’t willingly get a monthly injection nor attend psychiatry appointments I would be forced back into hospital. Those following my social media (Facebook), email list, or who have seen a recent public talk I’ve given know how traumatized I am from my psychiatric hospitalizations.

When I was released under the Mental Health Act I felt utterly despaired and hopeless feeling like I would never get my wish to try coming off of psychiatric medications. I am happy to announce that as of midnight tonight I will be free from the Mental Health Act. My psychiatrist has put me back on oral meds starting tonight (no more injections 🥳). I will continue to work with my psychiatrist despite no longer being forced to. Together we have a plan in place to ween me off the remaining med completely by the summer of 2023, assuming I get through the autumn and winter of 2022 okay as well as the spring of 2023.

I am very excited for this opportunity and for the assistance of my psychiatrist, my psychologist, my acupuncturist, my friends and my family in this journey. I intend the keep abiding by the Four Pillars of Health (Sleep, Food, Movement and Connection) that I comment on in my talk: The Art of Mental Wellness.

I have been off marijuana for 168 days and have been sober from alcohol for 618 days. I believe that if I continue to stay clean and sober as well as abide by the Four Pillars then I should do alright, but time will tell!

Thank you for continuing to follow my art and mental health journey as I embark on this next chapter.

With Gratitude,

~Amy Frank


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