Gods' Seeds

Perhaps we are just a seed that is slowly unfolding generation by generation. Each one of us a ring in the trunk of a tree. God has planted us - the earth a seed he watches fade and flower. He has planted us to see how far we can reach and evolve. We grow around the sun, stemming branches as we seed and blossom. Each new generation pushing us onward. A seed, a simple seed, one that God has planted here. Just a little seed like the one that grew the towering Sequoia. One that God doesn’t control, but tends to with caring hands. God guides us, every being on earth tied into one another. Every tide affecting the way of the wind. He gave us a globe, our own earth to tend, that we may sprout in. I think God knows that every stage in our existence is exactly how it was meant to be.


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Victoria, BC, Canada



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