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I Confess (Poetry)

By Amy Frank

(Inspired by the poem ‘I Confess’ by Alison Luterman)

I confess, I looked him up

when I found out his name,

to see if he were single.

His warm brown eyes captivated me.

The command he instilled

was electrifyingly sensual.

I wanted to curtsey,

to bow down and surrender.

To ask him if he knew the way home—

Not to my house, but to the Heavens,

for in him, I saw glimpses

of forever

etched into his greying hair.

As if, perhaps,

he were as old as me,

not in body,

but in soul.

I wanted to know all he’d seen,

to kiss his scars and hold his heart

so tenderly,

but these aren’t things

one can say to a stranger

so instead I stuttered,

“I like your haircut.”

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