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The Yellow Coat

I had a bad sleep last night but my morning still started okay. It was a beautiful, sunny, albeit crisp, day in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I’ve always wanted a yellow raincoat and this year I finally bought one. I knew I needed proper rain gear as I love walking. Carrying an umbrella everywhere is bulky and not practical when it’s windy.

This coat came with a fleece liner I can easily remove or add. I walk so much, rain or shine, day or night, wind or calm, that after seeing someone get hit by a car earlier this year (thankfully, it wasn’t a bad accident), I felt it best to be visible this autumn and winter. For most of my life I wore all black as I was trying to hide from people. Times have changed however.

I think the coat suits this gold and black scarf I bought at London Drugs in the last couple years. I feel my fuchsia front door always makes a nice backdrop too. I have one of my favourite art pieces: The Northern Lights, printed on a messenger bag which is strapped across my chest. And of course I have one ear bud hanging out, so I can be in tune with my surroundings, while the other feeds me melodies. 🎶💕

Top Photo: Me this morning on my way to work. Gotta love those grey hairs! I think they make people shinier, like tinsel on a Christmas tree. ✨


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