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Tired Musings: Periods & Fatigue

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

A 24 hour menstrual headache is swiftly turning into a migraine. I’m severely fatigued. I feel nauseous. It’s hard to believe that for most of my life this sense of fatigue was a constant med side effect. Now, it’s the monthly joys of being a woman. I have no regrets. Despite it all, I’m grateful I have my cycle back.

Do any other women feel weird talking about their menstrual cycle to men? At work this afternoon, my coworker and others could sense I was off. My head was aching which was making me feel woozy, and I was absolutely drained. He inquired and so I told him ‘women stuff’. He and the others around us were good about it.

This is something the vast majority of biological women will experience in their lifetime, on a monthly basis, for many many years, but I feel weird talking about it to men. Some guys get absolutely grossed out and rude if I mention periods. At the same time, I don’t think I should be ashamed of my body’s natural reproductive cycle and that it does take a physical toll on me.

I was supposed to make latkes with dad tonight but I’m so fatigued, he made them for us. Mom cleaned up. Thank you dad and mom. 🫂

Happy 2nd night of Chanukah 🕎✨

Photo: My parents in their dining room tonight.


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