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What do you think when you hear the word ‘Psychotic’?

Updated: May 6, 2023

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘psychotic’? Psychosis is often misrepresented by the media as a scary thing. Most people experiencing psychosis however are not dangerous. A spiritual experience is seen as psychotic in Western society. Psychosis is a serious ailment however and can be terrifying for the person experiencing it. Feelings of grandiosity, like you’re the most wonderful and important person on the planet, that everyone knows of you and loves you, can be a wonderful feeling. Feeling paranoid, like people are following you, out to harm you and/or your loved ones is not.

Seeing it’s 4/20 I think I’d better say something about this incredible and potentially risky plant. Although I no longer use marijuana, I am pro-pot as I believe in its medicinal properties for many. It can give mind altering experiences however and induce psychosis in those who are predisposed to it. It is a drug, and like any drug it can be misused.

It’s now legal in Canada and I think that’s great! It keeps it regulated and clean. It’s far safer than alcohol. I also like that the legal packaging warns that it can induce psychosis and schizophrenia as that is probably the only true risk of this plant. I know it can do this from first hand experience.

Psychosis is defined by hallucinations and delusions. A hallucination is to hear, smell, see, feel, or taste something that isn’t there. A delusion is a false belief held with absolute conviction despite superior evidence.

I can tell you from first hand knowledge that psychosis will create evidence that is extremely real to the person experiencing it but not to those around them. In a psychotic state, believing is seeing. It’s like if you think of a red car, you’re suddenly going to notice a lot of red cars. They’ll stand out with more significance. Are there actually more red cars on the road? Probably not, it’s what you’re zeroing in on. The problem with psychosis is to the person in it, it’s reality. To deny this reality could put a barrier between you and your loved one as if you do this they may no longer trust you.

The only help our society has to offer psychosis at this time is antipsychotics, which have helped many break out of the delusions and hallucinations. I know tons of people who are extremely grateful for these meds. For anyone who’s been following my journey since 2020, I’ve obviously had a different experience with antipsychotics but there are many who swear by them. If the psychosis was marijuana induced, it may go away if you remove the pot (like I have) but left untreated it may develop into schizophrenia. Please be cautious when using marijuana.

If in doubt, look up symptoms of psychosis or Google common (and less common) delusions to see if there are similarities to what’s going on for you. There’s no shame in experiencing these things. Please PM me if you need to talk (this offer is open to anyone, I check my message requests frequently).

Much love,


Art: “Eclipse” (2012) by Amy Frank


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