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Come What May

Updated: Feb 11

Sometimes we’re going along in life and everything feels good, it feels like we’re on the right path; and then suddenly there’s a steep cliff blocking our way. This unexpected obstacle might make one lose hope, yet I’m choosing instead to bow my head and smile.

I’ve learned in life that detours often lead to the most incredible places. I trust that the Universe will remove people from my life whom are not meant for me. I trust it will guide me. I also trust that the people I meet have a purpose. I believe there’s a reason we crossed paths to begin with, even if I never know what that reason is.

As I sit overlooking the cliff - a dead end, I know it’s time to get up and keep moving. My journey is far from over. The road ahead is long, yet it is a blank book, filled with an unwritten adventure, eagerly awaiting my pen to capture it.

Obstacles show me who I am. They teach me again and again how I will deal with disappointment, pain, and my own inner critic. What’s meant for me will choose me. I choose to let go. To send well wishes into the atmosphere. Wishes of love, healing, and kindness, because that is who I am. It is who I choose to be.

When I began the med removal, I made a choice to keep going, no matter what came my way. No matter who I lose, no matter how my heart breaks, I will keep going. I don’t know what awaits around each bend, but I am an explorer of the lands, of the mind, and of the heart. I don’t know what the future holds, but I look forward to living each day—truly living—as my story unfolds.

I never know what ghosts may reappear or what new people I have yet to meet. Unknowns can be hard, but they are the birth place of possibility. Let come what may. I am ready.


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