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Courage is an Admirable Trait (Romance and Dating)

I realize I’m a hopeful romantic and all, but I truly feel there is a difference. I’ve vowed to not go back on Internet dating, as for me, the crush stage is such an important part of romance. People aren’t meant to be displayed as if they’re an item on a menu. Vibration, mannerisms, quirks and so much more than photos, write ups, and listed interests go into attraction and compatibility.

I don’t want this Netflix and Chill attitude anymore. I want to be wooed, to have my next first kiss be spectacular. And I know it will be, because I’ve worked so hard to be where I am, I’ve become so picky and so confident in myself and my path, that I know my next kiss will be something I’ve truly waited for.

My lips were not made for every pair of lips that wants to taste them. My body was not made for every body that wants to feel my warm caress. My spirit was not made to merge with every spirit that wants to penetrate my physical form. My heart is not a fragile thing anymore, it’s grown wise and soft. I love and respect myself so very much.

It’s rare that I develop a crush on someone, and although I think I’m half mad most of the time, I do realize, of course, that a huge part of the crush stage is fantasy, as fantasies sometimes emerge when we want to know someone and we can’t. Sometimes we make up stories about them, projecting flattering personality traits, placing our crush on an impossible to reach pedestal. Other times, we don’t; we just feel something when we look at them, something we can’t explain and can’t shake, no matter how much we try to erase them from our mind.

I set this imaginary timeline for myself, because of the med removal, that I wouldn’t date again until late spring or summer of 2024, which is swiftly approaching.

People say it’s hard to meet people organically as men have become afraid to hit on women. Hitting on someone shouldn’t come across as creepy, although I realize that it sometimes does. Honestly though, who doesn’t enjoy being asked out? What a compliment! If someone asks you out and you’re not interested, please be flattered and be kind towards them (you can be firm and kind, need be “Clear is kind” ~Brené Brown).

Asking someone out involves vulnerability. One has to put themselves out there, risking rejection. It takes great courage, and courage is an admirable trait. Fortunately, it’s 2024 and although some of us ladies still enjoy chivalry, with men taking the lead, we can be bold and ask out men too.

I don’t know what the future holds and I’m okay with that. Either way, I’m convinced this is going to be a summer worth writing books about. ☀️


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