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Fluff Faeries

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I have not been doing much commercial art lately. The Parkinsonism has been bad which has led me to doing art solely as therapy for the time being. Dr Gunn, my psychiatrist, has reduced the medication causing the Parkinsonism so I hope the shaking will calm soon. 💖

These next illustrations are from my purse sketchbook, which I had been calling my "Triggers Journal".

"Amy's heart is whole. Amy's heart is at peace."

"From womb to womb the trauma flowed, until it reached my heart which welcomed it home. ❤️ Within my heart, the trauma could rest. Safe within me it didn't need to pretend. It could bleed here, it could laugh. It was safe within my heart at last."

I sketched this while watching Dave clean windows.

"The air was filled with fluff fairy's, as I called them. Some kinda tree or plant seed floating in the wind. I wanted to catch one and take a photo of its intricate fluffy beauty but none came freely and I did not dare chase the fairy's."

"Freeing the Faeries" 🧚‍♀️💕


I’ve been diving into existentialism. I have always had a fascination with religion, philosophy and psychology. For me, pondering consciousness and existential questions makes this insane construct called ‘reality’ more bearable.

"Mother" was inspired by the Cree Legend of the Warriors of the Rainbow. Read it at the link below:


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