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Update on my Health (December 13, 2023)

I’m grateful to announce that I had a good psychiatry appointment today. We’re working on mending the trust in our relationship. I know I have a lot of pain by how I’ve felt treated by psychiatry and the mental health medical system in BC, Canada, but I really do like my psychiatrist as a person. I will forever credit him for pursuing psychotherapy instead of just psychiatry.

We’ve been working together for 22 years. Every appointment is an hour long as psychotherapists offer therapy and/or medication, not just medication. We generally meet once a month. We had a great working relationship for the first 19 years of that.

He did acknowledge again today that I am drug sensitive. That I have had bad side effects to every med I’ve been on. We were both pleased to see that after a mood stabilizer caused me kidney damage in 2011, that my last kidney test in November of this year (2023) came back showing that my kidneys are finally operating within the normal range again. This is huge.

I made a joke with him today that psychiatry has groomed me to be a mental health advocate. Since a young age, I have been expected to open up my life story to complete strangers, like him, whom will never open up back.

I had a great hour walk home from his office. Here are some photos I snapped once I was back in Fairfield. I actually do a lot of amateur photography as I walk the streets of Victoria, BC, Canada. I mostly share it on Facebook.


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