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False Summer Solstice and Real Strawberry Full Moon

Oh my gosh, I thought the Summer Solstice was today, but it was yesterday!! I can’t believe I missed one of my favourite holidays. 😣 I’m grateful I had such a fantastic day yesterday, the whole day taboot! (despite my ignorance) ☺️☀️💕

This is an Art as Therapy piece from 2020. I was invited to a big social event for the Solstice that year but in the end I chose not to go as I knew there’d be alcohol present. I only had 4 months of sobriety under my belt at that time, due to a bad slip in February 2020. Staying home was a hard decision to make but I’m glad I did.

On this full moon eve, and in the last several days, I’ve been exploring my shadow. I certainly have a dark side, as we all do. I have traits that are not so admirable. Amongst them are definitely lust, pride, envy, & wrath.

Today is my one year date of doing weightlifting. I have photos from a year ago versus today, however after much consideration I’ve chosen not to post them. I’m quite proud of my body as I know the work I put into my health, however I don’t feel the need to share those kinds of photos publicly.

I acknowledge that I have a dark side. For all the light I exhibit, the darkness runs just as deep. However, I still get to choose how I act.

On this healing journey I’ve chosen to remain celibate until I meet someone whom I feel is worthy of my heart, mind, soul, and body. They say that people glow when they’re loved right, and I know that I’m on fire—that people see me shining; they feel my warmth, because I am being loved right. I’m loved by me. I give me the love and care I need. And when I can’t, I have a loving family, community, and a ton of friends—I’m able to express myself and ask for my needs to be met.

So on this false Summer Solstice and real Strawberry Full Moon, if you’re struggling in life, I encourage you to turn towards your shadow. It’s the awareness and acknowledgment of our darkest parts that will lead us to the light.


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