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Men’s Mental Health

I value hearing Man Talks (aka Connor Beaton)'s perspective as I have a huge interest in Men’s Mental Health. His posts resonate with me too, even though I am a cis female.

Respect and trust are earned, not givens, and it’s the same with self-respect and self-trust. When our actions and character are aligned in both our public and private lives, then we come at the world from a place of authenticity and integrity. No one can hold us accountable for what we do behind the scenes except ourselves. We know. And when we know there’s a huge divide of our public face versus our private, it can create a tear in our lives and psyche. All the drugs, s*x, gambling, shopping, food, booze, etc. that we can consume, won’t make us feel better. However walking the excruciating path of self awareness, taking accountability for our role(s) in our own downfall and suffering instead of continuing to place the blame and responsibility upon others, can lead us to a place of peace, satisfaction, and joy that no drug, vice, or external force will ever provide.


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